If you need your trading platform redesign, feel free to contact our team. So, you’ll need a solid tech foundation and an appealing UI/UX to stand out. In 2021, the number of crypto application downloads climbed by 400% compared to the previous year. Consider that just the top five cryptocurrency apps in Google Play and App Store were downloaded 46 million times in 2021.

  • In the past, businesses could neglect the user research and UX/UI trading platform design phases in favor of other crucial components.
  • We asked them about the reasons why they had started to use the product in the first place, the expectations they had, their first impressions, and overall experience with the product.
  • An average person is unlikely to use a complicated crypto trading app and will find a more user-friendly alternative on the market.
  • We also have a fuel tank gauge that indicates when the fuel tank is low.
  • 3-Trader ratingBitget’s copy trader page does not provide a trader rating function, making it difficult to assess the trading ability and credibility of traders.

If you see consistent movement, then traders can possibly take action for a new trade entry. Manually monitoring the market can also be combined with the economic news calendar or any of the other forex alert systems we have to create your own custom system to monitor the forex market for movements. The user feedback from the Google Play Store reviews shed light on various issues and user frustrations.

Here you also pave the way for the user and identify points your team can improve. By removing the flaws from your app design, you get improved usability and a satisfied audience. By 2027, it is expected to cost $32,4 billion, which is almost a 60% annual growth rate! So it’s no surprise that crypto trading platforms are gathering steam.

Improve the Product Development Process With This Simple, But Powerful, User Flow Analysis

As the firm expands to new types of trading, UX/UI design has become increasingly important. Acknowledging that there is a problem is a first step towards helping users recover from errors. ‘The worst error messages are those that don’t exist’ This is a quote from Jakob Nielsen’s article on error message guidelines. Artkai’s responsibility was to create the UX/UI design concept of the platform and connect it with a white label crypto trading platform & exchange.

This involved identifying common patterns, recurring issues, and positive aspects highlighted in the reviews. By immersing myself in the users’ perspectives, I gleaned valuable insights that would inform my design decisions and prioritize improvements to enhance the overall user experience. As I roll out new designs, I continue to collect real-time feedback from users to address early roadblocks. Working in close proximity to my user base enables me to troubleshoot issues as soon as they are identified and implement solutions under quick turnaround times. The design process for Task Watcherwas continually iterated on and modified according to user feedback or technical limitations.

Although a high level of security characterizes blockchain technology, there are still some problems with trading platforms. For example, such applications do not sufficiently inform their users about using and storing private and public keys, where to store the crypto better, etc. 21% of traders complain about the crypto platforms’ inconvenient design. Yet, for some reason, such platform creators do not think about how to improve UI UX of their product. As a result, we see many intricate trading apps with an incomprehensible user experience. For mobile apps, not only in-app notifications but push notifications (system-level, outside the app) also need to be meticulously designed.

Our researchers are at the forefront of innovation in the world of algorithmic trading. With multiple notifications vying for the user’s attention, there has to be a logical way of prioritizing information. Begin by listing all existing notifications or, in case of new products, major notifications. Next is prioritizing and categorizing them to use as a baseline for creating the policies. As products grow and features are added, the notification list would also increase. A comprehensive policy and design framework is necessary to ensure a consistent and good UX.

UI/UX design is rapidly evolving field and it can be challenging to keep up with the sheer volume of tools that have been developed for the industry. They understood the reasoning behind each design decision and brought their vision and market knowledge to the conversation, resulting in a fruitful strategic partnership. At the end of the project, we exported the final designs to Zeplin, a handoff tool that simplifies collaboration with developers by providing all the specs and ready-to-implement CSS. Alerts and notifications should be functional, but there’s more to it than just usability. Implement regular test runs before launch, in case the message fails to deliver. Refer to Nielsen’s Usability Testing 101 guide for everything you need to know on usability testing.

The Forex Heatmap® is an effective time management tool because it allows you to track more pairs and scan the entire market in under a minute, and increase your time efficiency. This great forex mobile app notifies traders with a push alert when the signals from The Forex Heatmap® are lining up for a trade, early in the movement cycle. It works the same as our desktop market scanner tool, described above. The push https://www.xcritical.in/blog/top-5-trading-platform-design-features-to-improve-user-experience/ alerts can be sent to any iOS or Android device like Iphones, Ipad, Apple Watch, Samsung phones, blue tooth enabled speakers, etc. The IA analysis and examination of the existing Trader Profile page have revealed significant problems and pain points that hinder the user experience on the Bitget platform. Traders face challenges in accessing crucial information, making informed decisions, and establishing trust.

To provide these valuable metrics, Germain seamlessly integrated with the client’s electronic trading site, which utilizes Angular versions 1, 9, and Canvas technologies. By leveraging Germain’s integration capabilities, the client can monitor the user experience in real-time, gaining actionable insights to improve https://www.xcritical.in/ their platform’s performance, usability, and security. To address this need and safeguard their business, the head of software development conducted a one-month pilot of Germain’s capabilities to evaluate its benefits and impact. Users frequently need help with platform navigation and broad functionality.

Key Takeaways

It is recommended that this process be done in collaboration with a developer as in most cases they can be impartial and able to help troubleshoot edge cases the designer may not have considered. A car’s dashboard is full of gauges, icons, and lights designed to provide visibility into the car’s operating system and ensure safe and reliable operability. When we drive, a cluster of readouts and notifications about engine temperature, battery health, oil pressure, lights, brakes, airbags, and so on keep us informed.

Monitoring The Forex Market Manually

However, we realized that it wasn’t possible for every type of task to report its progress, so we eliminated this feature from the display. Interested in HRT but not ready to apply or don’t see what you’re looking for? Moreover a consistent notification pattern and language increases the learnability and glancability of the design. The proper placement of banners on-screen is directly proportional to the visibility of the component.

When an auto disappearing toast message pops up on the screen, the screen reader will announce the message instantly, provided that the message had an accompanying ARIA live region value. When this happens, actionable elements like links are announced as part of the message and will not make sense to screen reader users. Consequently, it’s best not to include actionable controls inside a toast message. Most cryptocurrency brands’ UX design is borderline unusable for anyone except tech-savvy crypto investors. In the light of the recent cryptocurrency boom, this has created an increasing demand for an accessible UX among crypto exchanges and other blockchain-related products.